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With Children Today: beyond the market!

The historical moment is paradoxical. In politics, in schools, in religious and social groups, between women and men, parents and children: the most of technology we have to communicate, we are at the minimum levels of real communication of one person to another, as it is very low the hope of changing the world. It's not just the crisis of economy, but of ideas, projects, participation. The undisputed power of the market has increased consumption, but did not improve the quality of life of people.

Children are often overlooked as people (the "transparent baby syndrome", M. Geronimi Stoll) and raised as cubs of consumers, or classified as "aliens" from the "digital negatives", that in this way "root their (illusory?) power over schools, universities, newspapers, television stations "(R. Maragliano)
Who is able, however, of
listening to the children and helping them to get out and express what they have inside, knows that it is not a situation with no way out. As the same technology offers powerful tools and easy as never before, that we all can use and not just only consume. Our future, in the end, depends on ourselves!

The Children’s Virtual Museum of Small Animals


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La Cruzada Teatral video, Cuba 2007


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“Animazione” and the “social actor”

“Animazione” in the etymological sense: "to give someone the soul." “Animazione” in theatre, because it is through the body and senses that first small people know the world, before learning to reason about it. And because the language of "theatre" is what most easily sets a bridge between the culture of the adults and that of the children (who like to explore what they know about the world through the Pretend Play).

Starting from the living experience of his own body and the environment around, especially the natural, insects in the courtyard close to house even before the plants and animals of the parks, it’s possible an easy and natural encounter with technology. Not a world outside of us to fit to, but a valuable and powerful extension of the senses, which today has become easy, within the reach of children, in order to produce, communicate and know each other through the whole planet.

The child, from the body to the web, is the first natural social actor. The practices of “animazione”, such as they are interpreted by the kids, show us that it would not be so difficult to reconstruct today, in the information society, the unity of the people as natural and social beings.

“Animazione Teatrale” as a "pedagogical therapy" good for the entire society? Maybe. An interesting hypothesis on which many signs indicate that it would be worthwhile to work.

Latest update: 08 February 2018

Festival International du Film pour l'Enfance et la Jeunesse de Sousse, 2017, Jury International

Kids and Adults of the World Nature and Culture






Jan 2018!

Giocooperiamo, 2017, The Kids of Brescia make a video on their activity

I Film in Tasca, 2017, Kids make Cinema, Siena and Calenzano.

The photo exhibition Concittadini inaspettati (unexpected fellow citizens) can be set up (only for Italy) in museums, libraries, schools etc.   For free!